Julia Gillard, Telework and a ‘Kodak moment’

This week marks the beginning of National Telework Week, an initiative of the Australian Government’s Department of Broadband, Communication , and the Digital Economy.  The initiative was kicked-off with a one day forum here at the University of Melbourne with many high-level speakers and industry representatives discussing the benefits of telework for the Australian workforce and economy and some presenting results from research such as the Deloitte “Creating jobs through NBN-enabled telework. (www.telework.gov.au).

I have stated working as a Research Fellow with a team of researchers here at the University of Melbourne looking at issues such a uptake of the NBN, how it is politically framed within the Australian public, and how it impacts upon home-based work and business. Many of the themes that arose during the day centered upon issues of flexibility, work-life balance, inclusion, and engaging an aging population. However, there are still enormous research-challenges in terms of understanding the impacts of such a massive public investment upon the Australia population and in particular, how the NBN enables new practices such as telework.

Here is a review of the event from the magazine Business IT

Prime Minister Julia Gillard discusses the benefits of Telework for the Australian Economy happy to describe it as a ‘Kodak moment’
The Spot Lecture Theatre (Economics), the University of Melbourne


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