May 112013
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wlp_logoThere are some really interesting political developments at the moment in Australia. And I suppose they are digital humanities related in someways, at least in terms of making humanities (ie. political) information more widely available in new and challenging ways on the Internet. And I do worry that the humanities in Australia has become bogged down in a 1960s style politics that conveniently aligns with a certain time in US hegemony, but hasn’t really developed the intellectual nor digital tools to confront the complex and challenging international information-politics of today (ie. the politics of engaging with digital technologies on our own terms at the highest possible level so we can tell the nation’s stories political or otherwise through and with them). Maybe I am being too general here (and maybe not generous), but hey it is a blog post, call the police!

The WikiLeaks Party is a very interesting development in terms of rocking the boat a little; of reminding people that the usual political narratives of Australia are often an impoverished lens to view and address the many political challenges of today. The great unspoken history of Australia, our dirty little secret, is that our nation is dull, in fact on new global ranking that I just developed, we are the world’s second most boring nation and only Norway is more boring. Let’s hope that my calculations are wrong and that something interesting happens in the Australian parliament to remind us that its view of the world has severe limits.

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