craigThis is my personal blog and I have probably been at it for way too long (since 2003).  During 2015, I traveled from Fitzroy in Melbourne to Fitz Roy in Argentina and blogged a weekly travelogue. And presently I am writing a book about the adventure.


I am also avid follower of Melbourne’s energetic independent theatre scene (because it can’t be downloaded) and I ride a very large motorcycle and a modest pushbike (but not at the same time).  I grew up on the sometimes beautiful small island of Tasmania that perhaps propelled me to see the rest of the world in my own way.  And I have explored  48 countries so far, the ones that most sensible people avoid. I drink a lot of strong coffee, walk to my favorite cafe on Brunswick Street on Saturday’s to buy a blueberry muffin and as I get older, have started to wear hats. I am repelled by cynicism and attracted to active curiosity within others. The marvelousness of it all! I believe that individuals can ”never be over-educated nor over-dressed” and believe in education for education sake, as just like a blog, it may just take us places where we weren’t meant to go.

And a blog isn’t just a CV, unless this is all you are.  “Spoon feeding in the long run teaches us nothing but the shape of the spoon.” ― E.M. Forster

That said, I have a research background in history and media studies and work at the intersection between computing and the humanities (the Digital Humanities) and more recently, eLearning. I have a MA in history (history and hypertext) and a PhD in history and new media (interactive hypertextual video). My present research interests include death and the internet, the politics of the NBN, eLearning Environments, topic modelling (I’m still learning here!), political deliberation systems, Virtual Research Environments, and broader debates about the Digital Humanities field and pedagogy. I have studied at the University of California in Santa Cruz, been a Visiting Fellow in Digital Humanities at the University of Virginia, and have worked in the field as a Research Associate at King’s College London. I am the co-founder and was the inaugural Secretary for the Australasian Association for Digital Humanities (aaDH) (2011-2014). I have contributed to a number of international associations in the DH and am on the editorial board of journals in the field. I was on the Program committee of DH2013 in Nebraska, USA and was the Co-Chair of the Program Committee for both DHA2012 in Canberra and DHA2014 in Perth. I was also a conveyor for two Melbourne  THATCamps (Technology and Humanities Camp) in 2011 and 2014.

I have also lectured at the University of Melbourne and other universities in my home town of Melbourne and was an analyst (Digital Humanities) for the Victorian eResearch Strategic Initiative (VeRSI) at the University of Melbourne and a Research Fellow for the Department of Computing and Information Systems also at the University of Melbourne. Recently I was an eLearning academic for Victoria University in Melbourne.

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