Nov 242012
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Milkbar:The Everyday City and Globalisation was a project that sought to uncover some of the stories and concerns of some of the local residents of Fitzroy; an inner city Australian community. The videos assembled here are part of a larger project on the subject completed in October 2002 (more details below).

Forty four people within the suburb were interviewed with a video camera with the purpose of creating a record of a local, inner-city community in a significant period of change and to try and understand much of this change. It is an attempt to critically objectify historical change at a local level through an online oral history.
(This video is all the interviews stitched together. The individual videos with some contextual information are also on YouTube).

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Jun 202012
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I forgot how grim Melbourne can get in the middle of winter. But it could be worse I could be in Canberra. And I have been struggling writing my paper for Digital Humanities in Hamburg which is about the boundaries between ‘eResearch’ and the ‘Digital Humanities’. But maybe I will just show this video. In-fact, if I show it twice then it will fill up my 20 minutes. Kraftwerk seemed to have figured it out sometime ago. I just watched this and now I am happy.