eArts and eHumanities – eScience technologies and methodologies in Arts and Humanities research

This workshop is being held as part of the Open Grid Forum in Manchester next Monday May 5.

Andreas Aschenbrenner (TextGrid), Stephen Beck (HASS-RG), Tobias Blanke (AHeSSC), Allison Clark (HASS-RG), Stuart Dunn (AHeSSC), Peter Gietz (TextGrid), Mark Hedges (AHDS)

The first session will be a Birds of a Feather session – presenting the work of TextGrid in Germany, the Arts and Humanities e-Science Initiative in the UK, and related projects in the US.
The second session will discuss how to cooperate better on emerging standards and tools for eHumanities and eArts.
In the first session interested projects present their work, find common interests, discuss about desirable service structures for research in the Arts and Humanities, and detect areas of standardization needs.

Session contributors include:
– David de Roure (Southampton) will speak about the usage of Semantic Grid technologies in musicology research support
– Andreas Aschenbrenner (University of Goettingen, TextGrid) will introduce the concept of e-Humanities and the new European research infrastructure to support arts and humanities research (http://www.dariah.eu)
– Peter Gietz (TextGrid) will present the work at TextGrid (http://www.textgrid.de), a virtual workbench to support research in textual studies
– Alex Voss (NCeSS) will present on collaboration support for virtual research communities (link).



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