About the Enabling Uptake of e-Infrastructure Services Project

The project will develop strategies aimed at increasing and widening adoption of e-infrastructure and significantly increasing the user-base of JISC funded services. Involvement of actual or potential users of e-infrastructure services is a key element in this: we aim to provide the ground for a change in culture, in the way that researchers see their practice and the role that advanced information technologies play in their work. At the same time, we wish to provide service providers and technology developers with a sound grasp of problems as perceived by users. In addition to the tangible outcomes of the work, we envisage that this culture change will help to achieve wider impact and sustainability. Both of these elements will feed into and benefit from other (JISC funded) activities such as the e-Framework and the JISC VRE programme as well as the related eIUS project led by Oxford University in partnership with NCeSS (link).



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