Google is just an amoral menace…


I am glad I am not the only one who is becoming increasingly frustrated by amoral and rational technologists looking for the quickest and most practical means of getting from A to B; not slowed down by anything that that vaguely looks like a value system.

If indeed a new era of global responsibility has come into being with measures that actually restrain banks and isolate tax havens, it may be time for the planet’s dominant economic powers to focus on the destructive, anti-civic forces of the internet. Exactly 20 years after Sir Tim Berners-Lee wrote the blueprint for the world wide web, the internet has become the host to a small number of dangerous WWMs – worldwide monopolies that sweep all before them with exuberant contempt for people’s rights, their property and the past (link The Guardian).



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  1. Johntynycoed Avatar

    You wrote this a while ago, how right you have been proved to be, to paraphrase an old army motto my old SAS friend used, see all, control all, take all.

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