CeRch awarded 1.3 Million Pounds in JISC funding


(A VRE is a Virtual Research Environment…like a blackboard, well not really)

The following press release is from the Centre that I work within at King’s College; London. A lot of these projects won’t be of that much interest to researchers (as they are infrastructure grants, not research), however the TEXTvre project may be of extraordinary interest to researchers.  Although JISC (Joint Information Services Committee) does not fund research as a matter of course, on occasions the projects undertaken under its auspices are in fact research. The TEXTvre project is one of these and is a collaboration between CeRch and our sister organiastion the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (CCH).  It is the aim of this project to build a Virtual Research Environment to encode texts using the TEI (Text Encoding Inititaive) standard. I will blog about this project more as it develops.

ISS Centre awarded £1.3m in JISC grants
Five new grants from the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) worth more than £1.3 million have recently been awarded to the Centre for e-Research and colleagues in ISS.

Three of the projects are focused on enhancing repositories used in varied environments.

Biophysical Repositories in the Lab (BRIL) is led by Mark Hedges at CeRch working with the Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics.

PEKin (Preservation Exemplar at King’s), led by Gareth Knight at CeRch, is a collaboration between CeRch and the Archives and Information Management (AIM) Division at King’s.

Readiness for REF (R4R) is a partnership between King’s and Southampton, led by Mary Davies in ISS, project managed by Stephen Grace at CeRch, and involving Les Carr at the University of Southampton.

The Content Lifecycle Integration Framework (CLIF), a partnership between CeRch and the University of Hull, will examine the management of the lifecycle of digital content from creation to disposal or preservation with an emphasis on crossing system boundaries, including repositories and VREs.

The final project, TEXTvre, funded under JISC’s Virtual Research Environment Innovation strand, is a collaboration between CeRch, the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (School of Humanities), the University of Sheffield, and the State and University Libraries at Göttingen, Germany.

Further information about the projects is available on the ISS web pages.


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