jill/txt writing with a little help from your friends

One of the blogs I try and read regularly is by Jill Walker’s from the University of Bergen in Norway .  Jill’s research is within the ‘new media’ field and in large, offers analysis of the use of popular technologies  such as blogs, wikis, and other social software applications within the public sphere (a blog about blogs) .  She is an active participant online and her well-written and insightful blog is well-know in the broader new-media research field  (I wish I had more time to write like this!).  Plus she has been a tireless blogger since 2000;  a good three years more than this blogger.

A recent post on ‘collaborative authoring’ caught my eye.  She is writing a article about social patterns that appear online through Time, Relationships, Context, and Geography.  I like how she relates these to trends to ‘stories’ although I am still having a few problems making the leap;  perhaps it is because I am surrounded by people who insists on counting things! (link).



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