How to track Iranian protests online #iranelections

Here is how to find out about the Iranian elections online. Please send me your links. Also, Twitter’s down time has been rescheduled because of the important role that it is playing in the US elections (see link).

Hash Tag: #Iranelections (search and post your blogs and tweets with this).

  • Andrew Sullivan’s Blog (link) Thanks to D.P. for the link
  • (link) Thanks to Payman for the link


  • (Flickr. search on Iran and Protests)


“The popular Iranian cartoonist, Nikahang Kosar, depicts Ahmadinejad as a bandit holding Iran to ransom. This is his take on the official result” (from the Guardian)



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  1. Terry Avatar


    Found your blog via a post on The Guardian site. Well done with this live linking, and I thought you might like this link (and this plug).

  2. Craig Kanalley Avatar

    Craig, Thanks so much for mentioning Breaking Tweets in your post! We’ve been working hard to post daily updates on developments in Iran, sifting for the most compelling tweets and working with our sources in Iran.

    Also loved the other links you posted, especially the Mashable roundup.

    Great work on this.

    -Craig Kanalley
    Founder/editor Breaking Tweets

  3. cbellamy Avatar

    Hi Craig, thanks very much for your kind words. Will keep an eye on Breaking Tweets,

    Kind regards,


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