New Digital Humanities Quarterly (DHQ) available: Spring 2009: v3 n2

Digital Humanities Quarterly is a refreshing and innovative online journal in the Digital Humanities field. The latest issue is about the concept of ‘completion’ in a Digital Humanities work. As Mathew Kirschenbaum atates: “How do we know when we’re done? This cluster of articles explores completion and incompletion in the digital humanities from a variety of perspectives”. And from the Editor: Julia Flanders.

As we head towards the fourth anniversary of the journal’s inception,
I would like to thank the entire DHQ team for all of their hard work,
creativity, and sense of adventure. Thanks as well are due to all
those who have contributed to the reviewing and have given the authors
such thoughtful feedback and advice. Finally, we all thank the authors
for the excellent material they have enabled us to publish, and the
journal’s readers for their attention.

Best wishes and thanks to all–Julia

Julia Flanders
Editor-in-chief, DHQ
Brown University

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