Menzies Lecture by Professor Graeme Davison, Monash University, Australia

Professor Graeme Davidson, an Historian from Monash University in Australia, delivered the annual Menzies Lecture at King’s College London on Tuesday Night (20th October). The lecture is one of the events from the Menzies Centre for Australian Studies at King’s College. In his lecture titled ‘Narrating the Nation’ Graeme discussed the foundation narratives that settlers societies such as Canada, Australia, and the US have in common and the religious undertones of such narratives (I believe the transcript will be online again soon). The event was the first official event held in the Anatomy theatre at King’s recently renovated by the Centre for eResearch (CeRch) and Professor Alan Reid of Theatre Studies.


Professor Graeme Davidson


‘Narrating the nation’


Professor Carl Bridge, Director of the Menzies Centre


Dr Ian Henderson, Lecturer at the Menzies Centre and his partner Kwesi.



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