Digital Humanities in India

I am  not sure if there is a defined ‘Digital Humanities’ field in India (where I am at the moment), but there is activity occurring in numerous places. The Library Science is one area to find Digital Humanities activities in India as per this International Conference on Digital Libraries in New Delhi early in 2010.

TERI invites your attention to ICDL 2010, the third conference in the Institute’s ICDL (The International Conference on Digital Libraries) series. ICDL 2010 is proposed to be organized during 23-26 February 2010 in New Delhi. The theme of the conference is ‘Digital Libraries : Shaping the Information Paradigm’ and the focus is on the strengths and potential of digital libraries and their role in education, cultural, social and economic development (link).



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  1. Kerry Avatar

    Hi Craig,

    Hope you’re having a fab time in India.

    Thanks for all your posting – your blog’s now a regular stop on my keeping up to date drive… Thanks!

    Travel well. See you back in Oz sometime.


    ps – we got another grant for AustLit in 2010 – not anywhere near as much as we sought but good news nonetheless

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