Data-Intensive Research: how should we improve our ability to use data

Today there is a growing abundance of data often in large-scale collections or with great complexity. It is pertinent to every pressing strategic challenge, to the deep questions that research addresses and the urgent application sciences. A great deal of thought is needed to improve our capabilities to use data well in a wide variety of research endeavours. The workshop will bring together practitioners, theoreticians and technologists with a wide range of viewpoints to shape a strategy for the thinking and research that is needed.

The cross-fertilisation of ideas between disciplines and viewpoints will spark new insights and steer us towards more effective strategies. This will be captured as a map of the research challenges and potential routes to address them with flags indicating where groups and individuals are working and what they plan. It will draw attention to identified gaps.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together experts in a complementary set of areas of Data-Intensive Research, bring each other up to speed on the thinking in other areas and then identify research challenges and strategies (from the UK’s National eScience Institute)



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