Digital Humanities @ King’s

The Digital Humanities conference starts at King’s College London on the 7th – 10th July. It promises to be an excellent event this year given the strength of the field at King’s and within the broader UK.  There are a number of events around the conference including half and fill day project workshops and there will also be a 2 day ‘un-conference’ called ThatCamp held on the Monday and Tuesday directly preceding the conference. I am going to another project workshop called HESTIA within Classics at Oxford, that is a very interesting project that has marked-up Herodotus’s the Histories in (conceptual) TEI and mapped the ancients understanding of place and time.

Directly after Digital Humanities at King’s is the highly innovative InterFace Symposium at the University of Warwick (July 15-16).  I won’t be going to this one but hope to see you at one of these events.



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