Decoding Digital Humanities #4 (November 25)

Professor Willard Mccarty of King's Collage London described the Digital Humanities as a 'Methodological Commons'

Decoding Digital Humanities is an informal monthly get together in the pub to discuss all things digital in the humanities. This is an opportunity to meet others working on digital projects (or thinking of starting one) and is open to staff, students, and faculty.

This week we will discuss the recent article in the NY Times on the Digital Humanities. In particular, some of the contentious questions that arise from the article such as are the humanities heading towards a ‘post-theoretical age’.

Also, if you have any ideas on how could be developed to better serve the local DH community, send them my way.

Hope to see you next Thursday: Prince Alfred Hotel 191 Grattan Street, Carlton.



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  1. Rudolf Ammann Avatar

    Hi Craig — Here in London we’re setting up an aggregation of DDH feeds, which currently polls the ddh category feed on — could you offer a corresponding ddh feed for this site or advise on how to catch all updates from DDH Melbourne? Ta.

  2. Craig Avatar

    Hi Rudolf, feed from this category

    I’ll be sure to tag stuff we produce within this category.

    Kind regards,


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