Australian Humanities research infrastructure funding (discussion paper)

Nick Thieberger from here at the University of Melbourne has kindly blogged details about a discussion paper inviting a response from humanities researchers. The discussion paper is about the Federal Governments  ’2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure’.

All Australian humanities scholars with an interest in digital scholarship should take this brief opportunity to read and comment on the federal government’s ’2011 Strategic Roadmap for Australian Research Infrastructure’ discussion paper. Why? Because the two previous ‘Roadmaps’ funded hundreds of millions of dollars’ worth of ‘research infrastructure’, almost exclusively NOT in the Humanities, but including hugely expensive science tools like the $100 million Synchrotron. In the previous Roadmap in 2008 there was a section on the Humanities and Social Sciences that included reference to PARADISEC as an exemplary project building infrastructure for Humanities scholars. But not one cent went to support PARADISEC from that process (link to blog)



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