Bombing of Darwin, 70th Anniversary

Image of Hajime Toyashima, a Japanese Prisoner of War Captured on Melville Island after the bombing of Darwin

As it is the 70th anniversary of the bombing of the city of Darwin in Australia’s north, I thought I would re-publish my 1995 honors thesis on the subject completed at the University of New South Wales in Sydney.  The thesis is titled ‘the Question of Hajime’ and is a narrative-style history that explores the capture of a Japanese Prisoner of War, Hajime Toyashima, on Melville Island, after being shot down by local forces. It it a wonderful story and I hope you enjoy my rendering of it. This is not the best version I have,  but unfortunately it is the only one I can still locate (just click on the .pdf symbol below. 91pgs).



You may find the .html version easier to read; although orange was fashionable that year.




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  1. Robert Kendall Piper Avatar
    Robert Kendall Piper

    Hajime Toyoshima left blood on his parachute from a head wound when his head struck the gun site of his Zero fighter as he crash landed on Melville Island in 1942 after the first air raid on Darwin. That parachute recovered was taken to Melbourne (probably by Sgt Beatty RAAF) and forensically examined (yes, even in 1942). The blood type on the parachute and that of Toyoshima were identical.
    Thus Toyoshima did not come from a bomber crew (as he claimed) or a Japanese flying boat crew that drifted ashore on Melville Island – the navigator who we personally interviewed in recent years. Please see our book “The Hiddden Chapters” 1992.
    The file on the matching of Toyoshima’s blood type is available and was shown to me by the late David Sissons (Fellow ANU). We have the details.
    We thank Mr Bellamy for his many kind comments about us and our research over the years for which we have received an award from the Japanese Government and the Japanese ambassador in Canberra.

    Best regards,

    Robert and Misako Piper.
    Military & Aviation Research Services.

  2. Dr Craig Bellamy Avatar

    Dear Robert,

    Thanks so much for your kind words. I will have a look at your book that you mention,

    Kind regards,


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