Fitzroy, Melbourne, November, 2001: oral history archive

Milkbar: The Everyday City and Globalisation was a project that sought to uncover some of the stories and concerns of some of the residents of Fitzroy, an inner-city Australian community. The videos assembled here are part of a larger project completed in October 2002 (more details below).

Forty four people within the suburb were interviewed with a video camera with the purpose of creating a record of a local, inner-city community in a significant period of change and to try and understand much of this change. It is an attempt to critically objectify historical change at a local level through an online oral history.
(This video is all the interviews stitched together. The individual videos with some contextual information are also on YouTube).

Milkbar: Meta-data Analysis Engine (Content is King!)

This other section of the project that isn’t available any more was what could be termed a ‘hypertextual documentary”. This is how I described it in 2002:

The Milkbar project is an experiment using a ‘meta-data analysis engine’ to categorise and search (video-recorded) oral-history online (completed October 2002). You can search the 9 hours of interviews via the 4 categories that I have indexed within the video (there are about 200 index points). You can arrange and re-arrange the video according to an active, user-centred approach. This reveals the complex task of working with oral history and its multiple set of relationships and subjectivities. This work formed part of the ETD project (Electronic Thesis and Dissertation) Milkbar: Globalisation and the Everyday City. The project won the ‘Innovative Learning through ETD Award’ at the 2005 International Symposium on Electronic Theses and Dissertation.



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