A lifetime of flexible learning..

I have been quiet of late, partly because I have been changing direction, and it takes a little while to turn the ship around. I have moved into the ‘flexible’ or ‘blended learning’ field, which I have been trying to do for a couple of years. And the area is enormous and quite refreshing after being in Australia’s ‘start-up’, the digital humanities. Although there are growing academic opportunities in the digital humanities, and hopefully, I have done my little in helping to create these, I wonder if a traditional academic career has always been available to me or, indeed, has been my chosen vocation. What (possibly) attracted me to the DH in the first place is its lack of a prescribed career path; it had only a self-directed learning path (for lack of a  better description and often driven by luck, opportunity, choice and no choice). All roads and no roads lead to the digital humanities, it seems…

John Brack's Collins Street, 5p.m
John Brack’s Collins Street, 5p.m



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