Post card from London


I am sitting in my little room overlooking the strand. The room is on the corner of the Strand and Waterloo Bridge, and despite the size of the room, the view is extensive. And this song by the Kinks is running through my head.

Dirty Old River, must you keep rolling, rolling into the night. Busy people make me feel dizzy, and taxi lights shine so bright. But I don’t need any friends; as long as I gaze on Waterloo Sunset, I am in paradise.

Overall, it is coming to the end of my trip. This has been one of my best trips ever, but it is hard to tell because I have had quite a few! Travel is exhilarating but exhausting because there is so much to do that it is essential to manage one’s energies. There are so many wonderfully unique and renewed perspectives that I have gained on this trip, especially here in London. Travel is about exploration but also renewal (or revisiting afresh). It is like reading a book; if you don’t plan to reread it, don’t start reading it in the first place (to paraphrase Wilde).

So, on my last day in London, I felt pretty grand. I have had some wonderful experiences on this trip, and with most developed world travel, the gaps between the highs and the lows could have been better.

My gut feeling tells me that going to South America for a whole year next year is an excellent idea. Still, for a new and exploratory trip like this one, I may need to re-visit SE Asia and India because if I do re-visit them, I will keep going to the same place repeatedly.  I change my eyes, not my cities!



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