Trip to Bangkok and Ko Samet

Bangkok and Ko Samet are two destinations in Thailand that offer a balance of city and beach life. Our trip to Bangkok and Ko Samet was pretty special, the first time out of Australia in a couple of parochial years.

We started our trip in Bangkok, the scruffy capital city of Thailand. There is so much to see and do in Bangkok, and we spent our days exploring the city’s many temples, markets, and street food stalls. One of the highlights of our trip was visiting the Grand Palace, a stunning complex of ornately decorated buildings that is home to the Emerald Buddha.

Grand Palace Bangkok

After a few days in the city, we headed to the island of Ko Samet, which is located just a few hours’ bus ride from Bangkok. Ko Samet is a lesser known island, mostly visited by Thais as its proximity to Bangkok makes it easy for a weekend trip . We spent a few days lounging on the tourist-free beaches, swimming in the clear waters, and exploring the island’s many food places on a beat-up moto.

Hut on the rocks in Ko Samet

In the evenings, we returned to our deserted private beach villa and enjoyed beers on the patio, watching the sunset over the beach. There are a lot less people travelling to Thailand at the mo so there are plentiful placed to stay at inexpensive prices (we rented a hut on the rocks at the end of the beach).

Deserted private beach in Ko Samet Ville Resort

Our trip to Bangkok and Ko Samet was the perfect blend of city and beach life and if you’re looking to explore the vibrant culture of Bangkok or relax on the beach, then Ko Samet if a good option (the bus and ferry there is pretty easy, like most things in Thailand).



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