Why Julian Assange should be released from prison in 2023

There are many compelling reasons why it is a good idea to release Julian Assange from prison in 2023.

First and foremost, Assange has not been convicted of any crime. He is imprisoned on charges of violating bail conditions in the United Kingdom. He is also facing extradition to the United States on conspiracy charges to commit computer intrusion. However, he has not yet had a trial or been found guilty of these charges. Imprisoning someone without a conviction is a clear violation of due process and goes against the principles of justice and fairness that are fundamental to any democratic society.

Julian Assange. (2023, January 1). In Wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Julian_Assange (2014 photo)

Furthermore, Assange is a journalist who has published information that is in the public interest. His organisation, WikiLeaks, has released many documents that shed light on important issues such as war crimes, corruption, and human rights abuses. By releasing this information, Assange has performed a valuable service to the public by bringing important issues to light and holding those in power accountable.

It is also worth noting that imprisoning Assange sets a dangerous precedent for freedom of the press. Suppose journalists can be imprisoned simply for publishing information that is embarrassing or inconvenient to those in power. In that case, it will become much more difficult for the media to hold those in power accountable and perform its essential role in a democratic society. This is especially worrying given the current hostility towards the media that may give rise to authoritarian regimes such as Russia.

In addition, Assange is in poor health and may not receive adequate medical care while in prison. He has already suffered from various health problems, and his time in prison is likely to exacerbate these issues. It is not in the interests of justice or basic human decency to imprison someone in poor health who may not receive the medical treatment they need.

In conclusion, there are many compelling reasons why it is a good idea to release Julian Assange from prison. He has not been convicted of any crime, has performed a valuable service to the public by publishing information in the public interest, and is at risk of being imprisoned in violation of due process and freedom of the press. Additionally, he is in poor health and does not receive the medical care he needs while in prison.

If you want to read more of the story of the legal persecution of Julian Assange and the dangerous implications for the whistleblowers of the future, then read Nils Melser’s The Trial of Julian Assange: A Story of Persecution. It is a compelling read, well-argued and extremely well-written. The legal, positivist arguments are so strong that it would be difficult for a reasonable person not to believe that Assange should be released as soon as possible (read my review).



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