Everything Web 2.0

(First published April, 15 2006)

All things Web2.0 (thanks to Bob Stumpel et al. for this extensive list…and I have added a few more of my own at the end…suggestions welcome) Everything Web 2.0




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Internet meets Society (politics on the web links)

I gave a lecture today in a first year breath subject at the University of Melbourne on the web and its use within politics. I have listed the sites shown here (from Web 1.0 to Web 2.0 approaches) (link to ppt. presentation)

Quick Response: Oxford Social Media Convention 2009 #oxsmc09

(Transcript below if you can’t follow my polemical prose; and sorry but the synchronisation in this clip has a mind of its own).

I attended the Oxford Social Media Convention 2009 on Friday (18 September) at the Said Business School. The theme of the Convention was ‘assessing the evolution, impact and potential of social media’; a fairly monumental tasks for a one day convention with speakers from both sides of the Atlantic and from the Academy, business, media, and politics. The Convention was ordered around panel discussion with a lot of participation from the audience. At times subversive and always humorous ‘tweets’ from the audience were also projected on the wall behind the speakers (we voted to do this earlier in the day).

Rather than divide my time between all the speakers, I will concentrate on two of the most distinctive speakers that hopefully convey the timbre of the conference. The first speaker is Mathew Hindman, an academic at the University of Phoenix and author of the recently published ‘The Myth of Digital Democracy (Princeton University Press; 2009). The other speaker I will discuss is Kara Swisher, the Technology Correspondent for the Wall Street Journal.
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