Web2.0 O’Reilly versus Irish web company

There has been an interesting debate brewing in the blogosphere the past few days because O'Reilly of text book fame has sent a legal letter to a company in Cork in Ireland telling them that they can't use the term 'web2.0' for thier seminar. This seems a little, well, petty to me. The term is banal and although O'Reilly did write a rather average essay defined the term for the digital masses, he can hardly claim to own a term as obvious as 'Web2.0'. What do your reckon?

(from Tom Raftery) Simon McGarr has posted a possible legal tack that http://www.itcork.ie/ can take if things go down that road in the dispute over the use of the term Web 2.0 in the title of our upcoming conference. Basically, Simon notes that there is still time to object to O’Reilly’s application for a trade mark for the term Web 2.0. He goes on to point out Irish statutes on harassment under which we could apply to the Irish courts for protection and damages. All in all it makes for interesting reading

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