Report: After the AHDS: the end of national support?

A panel discussion at the opening of the recent Digital Resources in the Humanities and Arts conference at Dartington College of the Arts posed the question what happens after the end of the Arts and Humanities Data Service (AHDS); is this the end of national support?

The Arts and Humanities Data Service is a national service with the primary role to preserve, curate, and provide access to the digital output of the humanities in the UK. The Service is also active in the enhancement and promotion of digital scholarship in the UK as well as internationally. After eleven years of service, the AHDS recently lost its funding from the JISC (Joint Information Services Committee) and the AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council). The Service will cease to exist in its present form in March of 2008.

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Pollies embrace Google for the ‘e-election’

From the Melbourne Age

John Howard says the internet is “not some sort of gimmick” and has invited voters to have a conversation with him on YouTube.

Peter Garrett believes the web will play a “really really critical role” in the upcoming election, which Joe Hockey has dubbed the “e-election campaign”.

The Prime Minister, opposition environment spokesman and Workplace Relations Minister broadcasted the comments over YouTube this morning in glowing endorsements of Google’s new federal election website. (link)

What is HASTAC?

A consortium of humanists, artists, scientists, social scientists, and engineers from universities across the country, HASTAC (“Haystack”) is committed to new forms of collaboration across institutions, disciplines, and communities to promote creative uses of technology. Since 2003, we have been developing tools for multimedia archiving and social interaction, gaming environments for teaching, innovative educational programs in information science and information studies, virtual museums, and other digital projects. HASTAC leaders have served as consultants to U.S. and international organizations and governments on grid computing and cyberinfrastructure. Our aim is to promote expansive, innovative uses of technology in formal education and lifelong learning (link).

Only one party’s in the game for attention in cyberspace

From the Melbourne Age

Kevin Rudd has a genuine presence on the web. The Coalition seems to be lagging, writes Catherine Deveny.

LET’S be honest here, it’s a bit hard to sex up Kevin Rudd. Sure, he’s probably a good bloke. Actually, he must be a good bloke seeing that Howard and his mates have done their best to dig up dirt on him, and all they found out is that he speaks Chinese. The H Team kept opening closets hoping skeletons would fall out and all they found were doilies, neatly folded linen and a tea towel that read “WANDILIGONG! IT’S ABORIGINAL FOR PARTY!” (link)

Intute: FREE Internet tutorials for the Arts

Intute has just released eight new FREE Internet tutorials for the Arts
and Humanities in the Virtual Training Suite.

The tutorials, authored by university subject specialists, are designed
to help students develop Internet research skills for their university
or college work, and can be used by lecturers and librarians to support
their courses.

1) Internet for Music
By Sarah Taylor, Manchester Metropolitan University; formerly of the
Royal Northern College of Music

2) Internet for Architecture
By Sarah Nicholas, Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University

3) Internet for Art and Design
By Rosemary Shirley Birkbeck, University of London

4) Internet for Media and Communication
By Jez Conolly, University of Bristol

5) Internet for English
By Dr. James A J Wilson, University of Oxford

6) Internet for Fashion and Beauty
By Sara Hall, Manchester Metropolitan University

7) Internet for History and Philosophy of Science (HPS)
By Dr. David J Mossley et al, Leeds University

8) Internet for Learning Languages
By Dr. Shoshannah Holdom, University of Oxford

This is part of a major programme of change to update and revise all the
tutorials in the Virtual Training Suite in time for the new academic

To access all the tutorials visit: