Engage Media Beta Launch

This is a web 2.0 political initative from here in Melbourne, Australia.

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EngageMedia recently launched its beta site and we are open for your
contributions. Get sharing! It’s a place to upload your work or
download video to watch, share, re-distribute and screen in your

EngageMedia.org is a website distributing video about social and
environmental justice issues in Southeast Asia, Australia and the
Pacific. It’s a space for critical documentary, fiction, artistic and
experimental works that challenge the one-way communication of the
mainstream media.

EngageMedia aims to demystify and provide access to new video
distribution technologies, create an online archive of independent
video productions using Open Content licenses and form a peer network
of video makers, educators and screening organisations.

In general we welcome contributions that give context to the actions
and issues of our times, in a variety of styles and genres, whether
it’s documentary, fiction, experimental or as yet un-categorisable.
The site is moderated but very much participant driven.

Our key focus is to present video that promotes social change. We
want to promote work that challenges corporate dominance and
government arrogance, that exposes the people and mechanisms behind
environmental destruction or human rights abuses. We want to build
media that questions how the world works.

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Here’s a list of things you can do on the EngageMedia website:

Upload videos via web publishing form. Just fill out a form
and hit the publish button!

Search our growing archive of videos, or browse by Genre,
Topic or Country.

By copying the orange ‘vodcast’ link into a program such as
iTunes or Democracy Player you can automatically download and view
new videos as they are uploaded. You could subscribe to the latest
videos feed or to a specific member’s video channel, or pick your
feed by topic, genre or country.

No need to install or set up anything. When you upload a video
it is automatically added to your personal video podcasting feed and
allows you to add your own custom logo for your channel.

Create a profile on your Author page about you and your video
work. This page includes a list of recent videos you have published
to EngageMedia and a link to your personal video channel.

An area to host your videos, files, pages, images and other
information. A collaborative space where you share your files and
work on projects or documents with other members of EngageMedia.

Assign a Creative Commons license to your video. Choose the
license you want to enable the easy sharing of your content,
reserving the rights you want to keep.

Post an Event about a video screening, workshop or festival.

Post a News item about developments in the world of video
activism or tactical media.

Contact other members of EngageMedia through the site or send
an email about videos you like to your friends.

Play in the browser video preview and automatically BitTorrent
creation for your videos.

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EngageMedia is a non-profit organisation dedicated to providing media
tools for activists, campaigners, communities and grassroots

Make your own media!


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