Berners-Lee’s Fears for the Future of the Web

Berners-Lee is saying what many of us have also feared for along time. That people have the capacity for both good and bad, so that old-fashioned and tedious Libertarian culture of the web just ain’t good enough to cope with the political sophistication of the world stage.

The British scientist who developed the World Wide Web warns that if left to develop unchecked, the Internet could be consumed by “misinformation and undemocratic forces”. Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology scientist who is credited with creating the Internet, said in an interview with the BBC today that the way the web is used should be examined by a broad spectrum of experts. Berners-Lee told the BBC that if the way the Internet is being used is left to develop unchecked, it could be consumed by “misinformation and undemocratic forces” (From BBC via SMH link )



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