Map of Online Communities

Most of the actual tests are open to anyone who has passed 70-270. A small number needs 646-204 to their credit as well, in order to sit for 642-901 later. This is why no one usually pays attention to 220-601.

here is a map of online communities (web 2.0) complements of xkcd



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  1. Susan Avatar

    Hi Craig, I saw this map first in a Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach article where I enjoyed your conceptualization and its truths, but questioned the the echo of European geography in the visual. I think this adds content that you did not intend. Do you have a comment?

  2. cbellamy Avatar

    hi susan, I agree. it is Euro-centric, but it could have been any map i suppose, but I doubt that it would have worked with Africa for obvious digital-divide reasons. But is isn’t my may; it links back to the original source so perhaps you could ask them the same question.

    many thanks,


  3. Susan Avatar

    you mean xkcd? Is that a person? I’ll go exploring. Thanks for the quick response.

  4. Barb Avatar

    Oh, and I meant to add: here is the link to the original map done by Randy:


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