Digital resources in the Arts and Humanities, Dartington College UK, 9-11 September

A brief reminder that this year’s conference on Digital resources in the
Arts and Humanities will be held at Dartington College of Arts, 9 – 11
September inclusive.
Visit the conference website at now
to see the draft programme and register for this unique and
extraordinary event.
* Plenary speakers (in alphabetical order) *Paul Ayris*, *Gavin
Bryars*, *Greg Crane*, and *Deke Weaver*
* Panel sessions on *After the AHDS*, *Second Life*, *Representing
* A dozen themed sessions on Virtuality; Performance and documentation;
Linguistic Resources; Textual Resources; Digital Media and Community
Building; Digital pedagogy; Tools and Resources; Music and musicianship.
* A concert from leading British contemporary music ensemble Icebreaker,
performing their recently recording of Philip Glass’ “Music with
changing parts”
* Performances from Blind Ditch, Avatar Body Collision, Tim Sayer,
Michael Young, and others
“DRHA continues to defy the border guards and challenge cultural
hegemonies, by demonstrating how Going Digital enriches our
understanding, our abilities, and our achievements. A splendid time is
guaranteed for all.”
Lou Burnard and Chris Pressler



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