Blogging live from Prato

I am at the Community Informatics Research Network conference (CIRN) at Prato in Italy. It is still early into the first day of the conference, but I think that the conference will be fruitful in terms of addressing the question that I came here to deliberate upon. This is how do we design software for use in a community context that can is both goal-orientated and deliberative? I am proposing a project to do this in the paper that I am presenting, and there are a lot of people here that have a wealth of experience in the use of social software in various community contexts. Many of the people here are involved in communities with low ‘technical capital’ and are using communication technologies for development and community engagement. I am interested the broader definition of community; such a ‘communities of practice’ and am also presenting a poster from the Methods Network at the Centre for Computing in the Humanities at King’s College in London on ‘communities of practice’ and their attempt to create a virtual manifestation of this through the content management system Drupal.



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