Grand delusions…

(the Round Reading Room)

Today I am working from King’s fabulous Maughan Library. I like it here, it not only expands my ever decreasing perspective on the world, but humbles me before all the great European mistakes.

I am writing a series of case studies for the project I am working on called The case studies are about eResearch and the use of computational methods in the humanities. These methods are used to find stuff out that we didn’t know before.

In the book shelf in front of me I can see a book about fascists and another with the interesting title ‘The War Hitler Won’.  If I turn my head, I can see a book on Armageddon, the Battle of France, D-day, and Stalin and the German invasion of Russia called ‘Grand Delusion’.

I wish I could read these book to understand more about this pile of rubble I am sitting on called Europe.  But I have way to many other grand delusions to navigate my way through in this wonderful city.



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