Home via London…

Digital Humanities Hamburg is now over, and I am resting in a small college room in Hoxton Square in London’s East End. I enjoyed the conference a lot, although it has rained nearly every day I have been in the EU, travelling across so much geographical territory via train to get there with luggage hasn’t been the most comfortable of experiences.

Drinks reception for DH2012 in Hamburg’s town hall

But today is it sunny in London, and I plan to walk down the road to Brick Lane and buy a new shirt at Spitalfield’s Sunday Up-market (and I went there last night in the late hours to buy a salt-beef bagel with mustard and a cheesecake after a pleasant walk home from the Star of Bethnal Green).

I will write some more about the DH conference soon. The paper I gave went well, and I also very much enjoyed the collegiality and intellectually stimulating presentations from the many talented people who work in the field.



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