5 most important (computing) technologies for the humanities

  1. Judgement: the ability to examine a situation from several different perspectives and offer an independent position on the case based upon hard-won life experiences
  2. Empathy:  the ability to imagine a world bigger than oneself and also the other wonderful people in it, who are also engaging with the world in unique and special ways (well, sometimes)
  3. Synthesis: the ability to put disparate ideas together (whoops, I mean disparate)  in such a way as to make sense to you and possibly someone else
  4. Analysis: the ability to critically examine an idea and how it got into your head, not just describe the concept from a pseudo-objective standpoint (like the objective god of empirical science…shite the robot has spotted me…run!)
  5. The critical application of XML to significant historical (and other) phenomena to bring depth and perspective to angry robots



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