Hiking the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

The Great Ocean Walk is a hiking trail in Victoria, Australia. Stretching for 100 kilometres along the dramatic coastline of the Great Ocean Road, this 8-day hike offers breathtaking views of the southern ocean and the opportunity to explore some beautiful and diverse landscapes.

The track, when it gets sandy!

The walk begins in the town of Apollo Bay and takes you along the coast, passing through various landscapes, including beaches, cliffs, forests, and wetlands. Along the way, you can spot various wildlife, including kangaroos, wallabies, koalas and bird species.

One of the highlights of the Great Ocean Walk is the Twelve Apostles, a series of limestone stacks that rise out of the ocean. These ancient formations, formed over millions of years, are pretty cool; however, we didn’t have enough time to do the whole trip and see them as we only had five days, so we bailed halfway (and got a taxi back to Apollo Bay).

It is a long walk; take your time.

The trail is well-maintained and marked, and several shorter loops and side trails allow you to customize your trip or simply do a segment of the long hike as we did. If you are considering hiking the Great Ocean Walk, planning ahead and coming prepared is essential. The trail can be unforgiving, with steep inclines and uneven terrain (and it is so very long). It is also important to pack plenty of water and food, as there are almost no places to restock food along the way.

On one of the beaches, there are plenty of places to swim.

The Great Ocean Walk is an incredible experience; from its natural beauty to its physical challenges, this hike is one of the best in Victoria (and there weren’t many people doing it when we went). Whether you tackle the entire trail or take your time and explore over a longer or shorter period, the Great Ocean Walk will always be good (and carry your own pack and camp, don’t be lazy).



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