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  • Natimuk Frinj

    Natimuk Frinj

    The Natimuk Frinj festival l is an bi-annual event held in the small town of Natimuk, located in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. The festival celebrates the creative spirit and vibrant off-beat culture of the community, and has a strong focus on the arts, particularly music, performance, and visual arts. Natimuk is famous for…

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  • Road trip to Mallacoota

    Road trip to Mallacoota

    After spending many years travelling far afield, in the past few years, I have been closer to home on week-long road trips or weekends on the moto. Australia is comfy to travel in (despite the mythology); there is usually somewhere to eat and buy petrol (but please, never in the same place). Plus, there is…

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  • Hiking the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

    Hiking the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

    The Great Ocean Walk is a hiking trail in Victoria, Australia. Stretching for 100 kilometres along the dramatic coastline of the Great Ocean Road, this 8-day hike offers breathtaking views of the southern ocean and the opportunity to explore some beautiful and diverse landscapes. The walk begins in the town of Apollo Bay and takes…

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  • History is for the Living

    David Day I am on my second Labor Biography at the moment being David Day’s biography of John Curtin. It is hard for my generation to imagine any Australian leader coming out of the Socialist left and also coming from Victoria. I wonder what John Curtin would have thought about globalisation and the Internet? The…

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