Natimuk Frinj

The Natimuk Frinj festival l is an bi-annual event held in the small town of Natimuk, located in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. The festival celebrates the creative spirit and vibrant off-beat culture of the community, and has a strong focus on the arts, particularly music, performance, and visual arts. Natimuk is famous for its rock climbing community with the legendary Mount Arapiles close.

Picture of moto with Mount Arapiles in the distance

The festival typically takes place over a weekend (October in 2022), and includes a range of events and activities. Some of the highlights of the Natimuk Festival include live music performances, art exhibitions and installations, and comedy shows. This year there was a trapeze show on the giant wheat silos in the town.

Trapeze on the Natimuk silos

In addition to the main events, the Natimuk Festival also includes a range of workshops, talks, and performances by local artists and performers. These may include art and craft workshops, writing and poetry readings, and performances by local dance and theater groups.

The festival is organised by a team of volunteers, who work throughout the year to plan and coordinate all of the events and activities. The festival is funded by a combination of sponsorships, donations, and ticket sales, and all of the proceeds go back into the community to support local organisations and initiatives.

The Natimuk Cafe

The Natimuk Festival is unique event for anyone visiting the Wimmera region (but I wouldn’t go especially, tie it in with some other activities in the area such as hiking). Plus there are not, unfortunately, a lot of places to stay and if it rains (as it did this year) it makes camping difficult.



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