Trip to the Bay of Fires in Tasmania

The Bay of Fires in Tasmania is a breathtaking destination located on the east coast of Tasmania not far from St Helens. The Bay of Fires is known for its crystal clear waters, pristine beaches, and orange-hued boulders that line the shore.

Bay of Fires

As soon as we arrived, we were struck by the natural beauty of the area. The turquoise waters of the bay, and the white sand beaches stretched out for as far as the eye could see. The only bad thing is the suburban type of holiday houses, very different to the St Helens I visited as a child.

We decided to start our trip by hiking along the Bay of Fires Conservation Area, which runs along the coast for about 50 kilometers. There are a number of trails that takes you through eucalyptus forests and past secluded beaches.

Bay of Fires

One of the highlights was walking the Cosy Corner short hike along the beach through the crystal clear waters and soaking up the La Niña sun.

In the evenings, we set up camp at a deserted campsites next to a secluded beach. There are several campsites to choose from, each with its own amenities such as toilets and barbecue areas and some with none (like ours). We enjoyed cooking dinner and watching the sunset over the fiery rocks.

Bay of Fires (near Cosy Corner Beach)

Our trip to the Bay of Fires was a memorable experience, the accessible natural beauty of the area is sublime, and we can’t wait to go back and explore more of Tasmania which I have been doing for a lifetime (and we will be doing the Overland Track in February). If you’re planning a trip to Tasmania, be sure to check out the Bay of Fires.



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