Road trip to Lake Mungo

Over the Xmas break, we will be making an Outback road trip to Lake Mungo. Road trips to remote areas over the Xmas break are fabulous as planes during this time are best avoided. Lake Mungo is a dry lake in the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area of southwestern New South Wales, Australia. It is a place of great cultural and scientific significance, as it has provided evidence of human occupation and environmental change dating back over 50,000 years.

The area around Lake Mungo was first occupied by Indigenous Australians, who left behind a rich cultural and spiritual legacy. The lake was once a large, shallow body of water with a complex system of creeks, swamps, and wetlands. It was an important resource for the local Indigenous people, who used it for hunting, fishing, and gathering food and water.

Seven day outback road trip via Lake Mungo (it gets nice and red in the middle)

In the 1960s, geologists studying the lake made a series of groundbreaking discoveries that would change our understanding of human history. The most significant was the discovery of the remains of Mungo Man, a human male who lived around 40,000 years ago. His remains, found in 1968, were Australia’s oldest known human remains. Mungo Man’s remains, along with those of Mungo Lady (a female discovered in 1974), have provided valuable insights into the physical and cultural adaptations of early humans in Australia.

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Another important discovery at Lake Mungo was the uncovering of the lunette, a crescent-shaped dune that surrounds the lake. The lunette contains evidence of human activity, including tools, weapons, and other artefacts over thousands of years. It also contains evidence of the changing climate and environment of the region, including shifts in vegetation and animal populations.

Anyhow, a great place to visit over Xmas (and better than the beach!)



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