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  • Kraftwerk’s Melbourne Show: A Sonic Sermon from the Prophets of Electronic Music

    Kraftwerk’s Melbourne Show: A Sonic Sermon from the Prophets of Electronic Music

    Last Friday, December 8th, I had the privilege of experiencing a transformative musical event in Melbourne’s heart. The Melbourne tennis centre, typically a hub for the conventional, morphed into a sanctuary of electronic music, its corridors teeming with ardent followers eagerly awaiting their revered masters: Kraftwerk. The atmosphere was electric. Kraftwerk, the electronic music trailblasers…

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  • Key AI tools for writing, images, and video

    Key AI tools for writing, images, and video

    Many AI-enabled tools are available today to aid in creating, editing and producing writing, images and videos. Some of these tools have been around for a while, having established themselves as industry-standard, while others are still in the development phase. Nevertheless, all of these tools are designed to make the process of creating digital media…

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  • Natimuk Frinj

    Natimuk Frinj

    The Natimuk Frinj festival l is an bi-annual event held in the small town of Natimuk, located in the Wimmera region of Victoria, Australia. The festival celebrates the creative spirit and vibrant off-beat culture of the community, and has a strong focus on the arts, particularly music, performance, and visual arts. Natimuk is famous for…

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  • The art of traveling with technology

    The art of traveling with technology

    The availability of inexpensive, digital communication devices has aided the lonely traveler on the long and absconding road to fresh perspectives in a myriad of ways, but then again, if used unwisely, they can diminish travel and make it yet another expression of day-to-day ordinariness (so leave grumpy cat at home!) That said, travel is…

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  • The Shahnama Project (Iran)

    One of my favourite projects within the broader Digital Humanities field; a masterpiece of Persian art and a damn fine piece of Digital Humanities scholarship as well. Firdausi’s Shahnama (Book of Kings), completed in eastern Iran in around A.D. 1010, is a work of mythology, history, literature and propaganda: a living epic poem that pervades…

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  • GRIT 02: Illusions of Homogeneity

    Let’s hope that the grand dreams of eResearch aren’t about ‘research homogeneity’ as cultural homogeneity may have become the case in other areas of cultural activity (thanks to Andrew Garton, the performer, for the link). GRIT 02 examines the death of analogue broadcasting by way of readings from numerous sources describing the process of enclosure…

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