Hike to Lake Tali Karng

Lake Tali Karng, nestled deep within the alpine region of Victoria, Australia is a serene and very deep lake in a rugged, bush landscape. Our adventure began near Licola a small town approximately 250 kilometres east of Melbourne. The town itself is a base for hikers and hunter and fisher types, with a general store, a caravan park, and a campsite (and not much else). After a long drive from Melbourne, my hiking buddies and I set off on the 20-kilometre Wellington Plains track, following the path through boggy open plains.

Wellington Plains

The first day of our hike was a moderate trek, perfect for warming up our legs for the more challenging terrain ahead. As we made our way through the expansive plains, we were greeted by weird Australian Jurassic wildflowers , their vibrant colours contrasting beautifully against the hues of the grasslands. The open skies and vast landscapes provided us with a sense of freedom from a world with too many digital screens. We set up camp, and ditched the heavy backpacks ready for the descent to the lake in the morning.

Camping at the top of the hill at Nyimba Campground,

On the second day, the terrain grew steeper, and the vegetation denser with each passing kilometre. Our reward for the strenuous ascent was the panoramic vista of the surrounding mountains and valleys periodically enveloped in clouds. The trail led us through eucalyptus forests, accompanied by the symphony of birdsong . As we navigated the rugged terrain, the first glimpse of Lake Tali Karng came into view .

Lake Tali Karng

The ancient lake is a sacred site for the indigenous Gunaikurnai people, the pristine waters and rugged landscapes are mystical and we felt immense reverence and awe.

We climbed the steep track back to the Nyimba Campground, and spent the night there before the trek over Wellington Plains and back to Licola in the morning.




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