Road trip to Brisbane from Melbourne (Itinerary)

With a steely resolve and a taste for the wild unknown, I’m tearing off on a 9-day, petrol and coffee-fueled escapade aboard my iron steed, cutting a blazing path from Melbourne to Brisbane via the agrarian inland route. As I pierce this sunburned land’s heart, I’ll chronicle my exploits and dish out the untamed truth through my blog.

1) Sunday, 23 April Narrandera

In the heart of Riverina, Narrandera slumbers by the twisting Murrumbidgee River, a haven where history and the bizarre fusion of nature’s allure tangle in a feverish dance. This obscure outpost, a realm of marsupial mystique, draws in wandering souls seeking communion with koalas and the tranquil embrace of riverside wanderings.

Travel: 420 km, 4.40 hours

2) Monday, 24 April Bingara

In the wild, far-flung reaches of the New England bush, Bingara rises like a half-forgotten memory of the gold lust that once possessed the land. This strange, time-warped village lures travellers into its nostalgic grip, inviting them on a hallucinatory journey down the winding Gwydir River and through the ghostly echoes of its heritage buildings.

Travel: 763 km, 8.40 hours

3) Tuesday, 25 April Brisbane

Gone are the days when Brisbane was considered hedonistic and boorish; the city has emerged as a thriving, cosmopolitan hub. With its (nervous) arts and cultural scene and stunning riverfront precincts, Brisbane may now even rival its southern counterparts (still, I liked the 1970s yobbo fantasy movies of the Melbourne blokes going “up north”).

469  Kms 5.16 hours

4) Wednesday, 26 April Brisbane

5) Thursday, 27 April Brisbane

6) Friday, 28 April Brisbane

7) Saturday, 29 April Tamworth

Renowned as Australia’s horrible music capital, Tamworth is a lively regional city steeped in music, agriculture, and picturesque landscapes.

574 kms 6.4 hours)

8) Sunday, 30 April West Wyalong

Once a thriving gold mining centre, West Wyalong now serves as an agricultural hub, drawing visitors with its crooked main street and heritage architecture. The town offers a true taste of rural Australia.

Travel: 583 km, 6.4 hours

9) Monday, 1 May Melbourne

Travel: 567 km, 6.1 hours



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