20 years of blogging!

In Septemeber 2003, an experiment began that involved intertwining the tangible experiences of life with the vast, intangible realm of the digital world. I started a blog, a digital canvas painted with reflections, experiences, and thoughts for a broad, public audience. Originally conceptualised as a bridge between my personal and professional life and the larger world, this blog has metamorphosed over two decades, bearing witness to a journey that intertwines academia, technology, and extensive travels. Many of the important ones can be found here: https://www.craigbellamy.net/featured/

Milkbar project https://www.craigbellamy.net/2012/11/24/milkbar/

The dance of digital and traditional humanities

The digital age has reshaped various facets of our lives with its relentless evolution. One area of particular interest for me manifested in my blog is the fascinating intersection of technology and traditional humanities. This juncture represents the meeting of past and present and hints at the potential future of humanistic studies through AI and other forms of digital interpretation and representation.

Over the years, my blog has chronicled the myriad explorations of scholars deeply embedded in the digital humanities. Forays into harnessing technology for areas such as history, literature, and art have been extensively documented, providing insights into the challenges and triumphs faced in this crazy domain. Beyond merely being a spectator to this evolution, I have passionately delved into the profound debates concerning the ethics of integrating technology into humanities and the inevitable blending of digital scholarship with conventional pedagogical approaches.

Innovations and reflections in learning design

Education, in its essence, is transformative, evolving with the societal and technological landscapes. As an academic learning designer educated in the school of gravitas, my role allows me to be at the forefront of this transformation, facilitating the marriage of innovative methodologies with age-old educational principles.

The blog became a repository of these educational adventures, capturing pioneering ideas’ genesis and collaborative initiatives’ fruition. Many facets of modern education found a voice, from discussions on networked, participatory platforms to the hands-on experiences of classroom and online teaching. At its core, my approach has always revolved around a humanist and constructivist philosophy, advocating for an educational framework that inclues making and breaking things.

PIAS Project https://www.craigbellamy.net/2012/05/23/political-issue-analysis-system/

A tapestry of travel tales

Journeys, both internal and external, are instrumental in shaping our perspectives. My passion for exploration, both geographically and culturally, has been a recurring theme on the blog. One voyage casts a vivid shadow in this tapestry: the motorcycle expedition across South America. It was a journey where the Motos purr harmonised with the whispers of ancient forests and the songs of distant mountains. Traversing from the dense heart of the Amazon, across the soaring heights of the Andes, to the windswept expanse of Patagonia, every kilometre brought forth a feeling of adventure, loneliness, freedom, introspection, and discovery. This trip was not just a geographical exploration but also a deep dive into the soul of South America, its diverse cultures, traditions, and the inherent wisdom that lies therein. Plus I met my partner there, who lives with me in my beloved Fitzroy.

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia

Decoding two decades

Having spent two decades with a blog, I have realised that it seems like both a blink of an eye and an eternity. It gives me a unique vantage point to reflect upon the changing landscapes of the internet, society, and self. I share my journey through my blog, filled with a few heartfelt posts (and many more deleted ones).

The themes of my blog encompasses digital humanities, innovative educational methodologies, and transformative travel tales, offering a panoramic view of a world in flux. These are abstract discussions and deeply personal accounts coloured with the hues of experiences, challenges, and revelations.

These 20 years have been a voyage across the vast seas of knowledge, technology, and humanity. During this voyage, the horizons expanded, the depths were plumbed, and every wave brought a new story. As I sail this digital ship, I am grateful to every reader and every fellow traveller who has been a co-navigator in this odyssey. I hope the next 20 years are just as good, if not better, with AI technology on the horizon and many new challenges and adventures.  



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