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  • A Laconic Sojourn in Berlin

    A Laconic Sojourn in Berlin

    Recently, I embarked on a three-day whirlwind trip to Berlin, a city that has been a constant in my life since the fall of the Berlin Wall. I watched the wall crumble from my hotel room in London, a young backpacker eager to witness history. A few months later, I was in Berlin, chipping off…

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  • Berlin: where histories collide [19/50]

    Berlin: where histories collide [19/50]

    After I had left Spain, I went to Berlin for three days. I have been to Berlin on numerous occasions and indeed, my first trip to Berlin was only a couple of months after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I remember watching the wall being pushed over by the Berlin crowds on the television…

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  • Tree house party!

    This weekend I am off to Berlin to visit my old friend Emu (yes, his real name and he isn’t even Australian). He has just built a tree house for his son to live in and he is having a party to celebrate. What better reason to go to Berlin!

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