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  • Owen Harries Boyer Lectures on Radio National

    How to Avoid the Parochialism of the Present http://www.abc.net.au/rn/boyers/ Globalisation and International Relations are two important fields for individuals to engage with at this present time given the collapse of the Soviet Union and the rise of the US as the world’s only hegemon. Globalisation is an vital field to comprehend, not simply because of…

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  • Quarterly Essay David Malouf

    What a comendable addition the Quarterly Essay is to the national debate. It is refreshing to engage with larger Australian discussions after floundering in the intellectual vacuum of ‘the global’ for such a long time. The problem with much discourse on ‘the global’ is that it is largely dismissive of national discussions. ‘The national’ is seen…

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  • What is globalisation?

    What is globalisation?

    Thankfully, globalisation is not understood as being one thing. Different groups (depending on their social and geographical positioning) interpret it in various ways depending on their own political circumstances. The minimal working definitions of globalisation (or dare I say ‘globalism’) circulate around the belief that complex interconnections are rapidly developing between societies, institutions, cultures, collectives…

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