New on ICTGuides

ICT Guides is a service offered by the Centre for eResearch at King’s
College in London (CeRch). It seeks to promote the use of ICTs in
research and learning through cataloging digital arts and humanities
projects along with the tools and methods they employed.

A number of new projects have been added to ICT Guides:


Henry III Fine Rolls Project

” The Henry III Fine Rolls Project is a three year Resource Enhancement
project, commencing in April 2005 and funded by the Arts and Humanities
Research Council (AHRC). It aims to publish the Fine Rolls of Henry III
from 1216 down to 1248 in English calendar format, in both print and
electronic form. There is a fine roll for each of Henry III’s fifty-six
regnal years. Recording offers of money to the king for a multiplicity
of concessions and favours, they are of the first importance for the
study of political, governmental, legal, social, and economic history.
The Fine Rolls of Henry III from 1216 down to 1248 are being published
in both print and electronic form, including access to digital
facsimiles of the rolls.The print version will be published by Boydell &
Brewer. The electronic version appears on the project website and
provides free access to all those interested in this resource. A second
three year project also funded by the AHRC will complete publication
down to the end of the reign in 1272. . ”

Suggestions for new projects most welcome.